The Treaty

The Great War, or even better, “Then War to End All Wars”, was the most intense, eye opening war fought amongst all countries involved. From June 28, 1914, until November 11, 1918, our world succumbed to a devastating war. But the treaty that was believed to end all tensions caused more destruction than most realized. In June of 1919, the Treaty of Versailles will be signed by each Allied nation and each Central Power nation to end the war in the most civilized fashion. Although this treaty pleased the Allies, many nations such as Germany and Italy were belittled and undermined.

Germany, the acclaimed initiator of World War 1, was the nation hit the hardest. In the war guilt clause of the treaty, Germany was forced to take blame for the war and pay all war reparations to the countries involved. Not only were they forced to pay war debts but, the German nation lost 10% of their land and must give all foreign colonies to the Allies.  Also, 13.5% of Germany’s population found themselves living in the outskirts of their newly bordered nation. Along with being humiliated from all these restrictions, Germany was required to new military terms. Germany’s nation was forced to limit their army to only 100,000 men and was left only with six battleships, six cruisers, twelve destroyers, and no submarines in their navy. Not only were not allowed to mobilize their units, they were not to have no military air-crafts (Luftwaffe).

The war guilt clause and reparations was the most unpleasant part of the treaty. Germany was to take liability of the outbreak of the war and had no right to compromise this. Even though the actual amount for compensation was not set until 1921, the anger behind the allegation was due to the aspect of Germany’s true involvement during the war. Since no sum was given for costs of war, Germany turned over all merchant ships and paid for army occupation in other countries.

It is to be believed that due to such poor treatment to Germany, it caused turmoil within German citizens and it is the ultimate reason why World War 2 came about. The treaty did nothing but anger most countries involved and created such animosity that could not be hindered. The Treaty of Versailles will forever live in infamy in numerous countries and it did not ease tensions in the world.


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